Hendrik Zeitler

Hendrik Zeitler started working on the photographic series ”Satellites” back in 2004. It was a time when he spent almost all of the hours of daylight away from his neighborhood Hammarkullen, something that was and still is a reality for many people that live in the city suburbs. Especially in winter, they leave and return to their home during the dark hours of the day. The pictures were taken using a large format camera at night with extremely long exposures revealing unlit areas and showing the paths of the moon and the stars over the night sky. With their dark skies and trees being lit from underneath by street lights, they remind one of photographic negatives. A few years later came Bunty, a dog who followed Hendrik everywhere in his work. Now the main motive became the surrounding woods, with their traces of human life, and these pictures ended up in the book ”424”. As Hammarkullen was reinvigorated with more jobs and education, the life of the photographer changed again, this time with kids, resulting in more time spent in the neighborhood during daytime. Now the sun replaced the moon in the long exposures with the camera typically placed near a playground, and as the dog passed away in 2016,  the woods completely disappeared from the pictures.
The book ”Open Shutter Hammarkullen” will be published by ”Journal” in early 2018.

This exhibition is supported by the City of Gothenburg