Raghad Resres

Raghad Resres is a Jordanian artist currently doing a master’s degree in fine arts at Gothenburg University. She is doing an artistic research on how given culture constraints women’s interoceptors in the context of marginalized areas in East Amman, Jordan, where she was raised as an Arab Muslim female.

“We perceive the world through the relationality of the body sensory experiences. As humans, we should interpret our experiences in the context in which we find ourselves. However, our culture sets in between the body, the experience, and the subsequent interpretations of the experience, it constraints our understanding of the surrounding environment and formulates a collective understanding of a world that suppresses differences, individuality, and reflection.”

Raghad's work Whispers investigates the impact of cultural restrictions on the sense of motion as an interoceptor, while reflecting on her personal experience with freedom of movement in public spaces in her home town.