fog bank

akcg(anna kindgren och carina gunnars)
- we stumble lost in the fog bank which with the highest interest rate on future debt have been put on our unborn's accounts.

We grope in the haze that has been laid out for us. In the wake of the steamy ship of cybernetics’ with an invisible steersman. In the mist of the fattest refineries on beaches. Stumble lost in the fog bank, which with the highest interest rate on future debt have been put on our unborn's accounts. We do not fly through clouds anymore, because they cannot rise. We grope and search for a road out of the haze that has blinded our sight. Throughout history, artists and photographers have fallen in love with the mysterious quality of the mist, the fog as a picture of how the human mind and landscape change; uncanny. From William Turner to Arthur Tress and Mike Kelley.

We want to claim that many heads are shrouded in fog! At the same time, transparency is presented as glazed architecture for psychiatry or as mediated transparency of docusoaps, straight into our most private spaces. The opaque and translucent - different sides of the same strategy. The fog can also hide US! Ambivalence and management by confusion at the same time! All information is there all the time. The price of abundance payed by those who dig for cobalt for our batteries. Someone knows the art of making invisible by overexposing! A rocket takes off for Mars to market the same batteries. So that we can continue our lives as usual - drive a car, heat houses and water, eat fruit all year around, fly far on vacation. And gather all the profits in a few pockets. Many realize that this fog has served to hide the violence practiced against most of us, all over the world, in a logic that favours the few.

akcg has for many years related to water and undercurrents, beaches and flows. Haze is a condition that can be described as gasified water, sometimes so dense that the visibility deteriorates. We shop ecologically and hope for environmental meetings in Rio and Paris. So we dance on while the smoke machine surrounds us in an ever more dense fog. What obscures and causes our eyes to tear, airways to shrink, is also pollution in the form of smoke and smog. The debt/guilt, we avoid to feel, that we no longer want to remember. Urban and rural fronts. The compass needle that spins faster and faster while we are all getting lost in confusion. How should we understand the connections? Can we figure this out together?

It is often spoken and written about several tactics of how one can relate to the all-encompassing and increasingly visible hand of global capitalism. Even the capitalists and their friends up in the Swiss Alps are nervous about what may happen when the fog lifts.

akcg here wants seek our way through a material that we have long wanted to make time and space for. We explore parts of a concrete work about the fog as a climatological phenomenon as well as a metaphor for various psychological and political moods. Or as an opportunity to go up in smoke or into the fog.

Despite or because of the total hegemony of transparency, there is no longer a thicket of arm's length distance. We want our investigation to be permeated by looking at ourselves, on the artist, so that this role does not become the blind spot we avoid seeing. We want to make visible the ghost acres or fields that are needed to maintain a certain lifestyle at the centre. They often lie in the periphery and are therefore invisible to us at the centre and how they come into expression aesthetically. We understand centre and periphery as something that is not only geographic but also psychological and cybernetic.

Through the form of an exhibition at Gallery 54, we take one step out of the fog. Not the least because Gallery 54 is an artist-run space. We have never been connected to a commercial gallery. On the other hand, we have worked with several initiatives that have built on our own work as artists, such as gallery Ynglingagatan 1, the start of Studio 44 on Kapsylen, both in Stockholm and Konsthall C in Hökarängen. We have also been 50% of the group and the artist love and devotion for 6 years, together with the artists Ingrid Eriksson and Karin Johnson.

akcg (anna kindgren och carina gunnars) is a consequence of common experiences. Conversations and thoughts about art, HOW and FOR WHOM, have always been our starting point. We hope we can arrange an evening with guest at Gallery 54 during the exhibition. To be announced later.