Dark Water Circles

Elin Maria Johansson

Elin Maria Johansson is a visual artist, born 1979 in Västernorrland. Educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm. Lives and works in Skåne since 2010.

Through installations, consisting of video, animations, objects and sounds, she explores phenomena in our time embodied in mythological stories.

The works form an abstract and metaphorical weave, a suggestive and sublime depiction of the place and the time we live in.

The filmed material is a mixture of contemporary recordings, archive images and animations. In the works, micro- and macro-images meet in an exploration of what is not always visible but still constantly present. In the field of tension between recognition and augmented reality, a dynamic gap has the opportunity to arise.

The sound image is created parallel with the filming and is built up with a composition specially written for the work. The sound plays a significant role in the experience of the work, both dramaturgically and spatially, and they are created in collaboration with the sound composer and filmmaker Michel Wenzer.

The exhibition Dark Water Circles shows two video works along with pictures, objects and sketch material for the two works.