#evasvaneblomthesocial - The Galleri 54 Peepshow

Eva Svaneblom

Hello! Welcome to my micro exhibition in the peepshow at Galleri 54.

My name is Eva Svaneblom and I am a dancer and performer. Currently I am busy with seeing how I can use social media as my stage. Within this idea I work mostly with improvisational site specifics as the portrayed work. YouTube and Instagram are the two main social media spaces I work with at the moment.

In #evasvaneblomthesocial – The Galleri 54 Peepshow you will see me in the forest. If you carry a smartphone with you, you will also find a portal to another space. Another performance.

See you amongst the trees, at Galleri 54 and in cyber space.

//Eva Svaneblom