Patricia Vane
Relaterade evenemang


A physical performance exploring the reality of the core. 

What is true?
Where is the heart?
How do we exist?
Am I truly existing in my heart 

The work is based on an ongoing research now conducted in the MFA Contemporary Performative Arts and at SKOGEN. 

Language: English

”I am working on an ongoing research in which art and science are being cross-linked. My current focus is a deep commencing on the mechanics and motives of movement to observe one body in its environment. The purpose of this research is to strive for a fulfilling way of living. How do I get happy? What is happiness? How do I live a satisfying life? What does that mean, satisfactory? These questions are to be answered by perceiving the behavior of a body in its time and space."

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Physical Ontology
Series of study gatherings where the body meets philosophy 
Monday evenings 17:00-19:00

Where meaning is in constant tension between silence and speech, where knowledge is felt, where bodies meet 
4-day conference 9-12 April