WHAT IIIF? 10 to 10

Kort utställning

// All day streaming (10.00 – 22.00) Saturday May 15 //

On the 15th of May 2021 from 10 am Amsterdam time to 10 pm Berlin time
the collectiveness of 
(What?  International Interdisciplinary Improvisation?)
will continue its absurd pursuit
the question
Can improvisation be documented ? 
We like to do this, 
even if we know it’s absurd. 
Because improvisation is the creation and annihilation of
each moment
that leaves untraceable marks in the bodies and minds
and cells
of the participants
and the public
(and their friends)
and that’s enough. 

Beaming from Berlin, Rio, Amsterdam, Manchester, Wales, Guéthary, Stuttgart, Bamako and Teheran.