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The Tiny Festival Producers presents WHAT IIIF? 16-19th of May

Opening with improvisational performance Thursday May 16th at 7–9 pm




The Tiny Festival Producers will during their annual Tiny Festival venue 16th-19th of May in Gothenburg, host and facilitate WHAT IIIF? at Galleri 54 and Teater Trixter.

The Tiny Festival Producers presents a wide range of artists representing a diversity of genres within contemporary art during 16th–19th of May in Gothenburg, Sweden. It aims to connect locally based artists and their platforms with regional, national and international art scenes.

‘The white cube & The black box’

Due to the possibility of hosting the festival at two venues – Galleri54 & Teater Trixter – our aim is to provide environments for new encounters where interdisciplinary intra-actions and their entanglement can be explored and performed.

We invited WHAT IIIF? for four days for self-organized lab forums, articulations and documentation aimed for artists with interdisciplinary improvisation as an artistic practice and method. They will perform at The Tiny Festival 2019 the 18th of May at Teater Trixter! https://www.facebook.com/events/2286798438306397/

WHAT IIIF? what is it?

The research festival WHAT IIIF? asks the absurd question, ‘Can improvisation be documented?’ What IIIF? Gothenburg is the third beta version (the first was in Amsterdam in 2016, and number two in London in 2018). WHAT IIIF? brings together International Interdisciplinary Improvisation researchers from around Europe and globally. We focus on a method or a concept for several days, and through labs, discussions, performances and observations, we ‘document’ improvisation. Our thought is that this work will feed and develop the open source www.improvisation.wiki

For the first two beta festivals, we focused on documentation methods – video in Amsterdam and writing in London. This time we are interested in the way we connect to other people with our improvisation work. We want to think about the fact that we are always addressing someone and within that awareness, on a meta level, ask how do I use material in the improvisational moment, put it out and put it forward.


  • Being in the same space (located at the ‘white cube gallery’ named Galleri 54) for the entire time, creating the space, covering the walls, ongoing ongoing
  • Observers will be invited, to participate or witness, in the space, or through the windows. Passersby are the instant witnesses
  • Collaboration with the Tiny Festival Producers and Teater Trixter which provides the spaces and an opportunity to perform
  • Time to reflect, listen and document on why we do this
  • Time to eat together
  • Provide encounters for local and international artists/researchers

There is no official participation fee. You are responsible for your travel and housing. We split the costs of the festival among ourselves, usually this does not exceed 40 euros each. If you would like to join us, please write Thomas at thomas@genetic-choir.org with a paragraph telling us why you are fabulous, and why you find a research festival interesting.

Link to one of the London sessions at RCA 2018 https://vimeo.com/283999631

Producers Annikki Wahlöö / Benedikte Esperi / Cia Runesson

In collaboration with
WHAT IIIF? https://instantcomposition.com/2019/02/07/early-invite-to-what-iiif-gothenburg-may-2019/
Teater Trixter
Galleri 54
SmartSe Göteborg

The Tiny Festival Producers is an artist run association based in Gothenburg represented by Annikki Wahlöö, Benedikte Esperi and Cecilia ‘Cia’ Runesson. In their assignment they produce contemporary art performances, present artistic research and performance lectures, produce and curate The Tiny Festival concept. They are currently represented at the Nordic Summer University in Vilnius 7-10th of March, producers and performing at The Tiny Festival 16-19th of May and part of GIBCA Extended in the Västra Götaland County with their site-specific performance ‘In-Tents Intervention’ project Sept-Nov 2019.



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