Lena Trapp

In MONUMENT OF THE TIDES, Lena Trapp explores themes around identity and origin and the borderland between dream and reality. Through the 3D-animated spatial installation Subconscious Explorations, Lena creates a magical underwater environment that invites the viewer to step into a meditative state, a room of one’s own time and memories to be drawn into and surrounded by. The work is shown accompanied by specially composed music by Jukka Rintamäki.

Lena examines memories, transience and the will to anchor oneself in time. By developing the universe she builds in her animations into sculptural objects, she wants to cast in and preserve fragments of her own history forever. If a memory is recreated every time you remember it, then what is a memory? If what we remember changes as time passes, does that change our history?

Lena Trapp (b. 1974, Gothenburg) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Gothenburg. She is educated in animation and artistic creation at Stenebyskolan / HV (BA).

Lena also has a background as a 3D animator, illustrator, photographer and jewelry designer. Previously exhibited works at ICIA-Institute of Contemporary Ideas and Art, Kulturhuset, Röda sten konsthall, Noise (Singapore), Marisa del Re Gallery (NYC).