anna kindgren och carina gunnars
Our heads are shrouded in fog! Is it us that are going up in smoke? The further away from the sources we live, the denser it is. While transparency has been presented in the form of glas architecture for psychiatry or as mediated transparency in the docusoap format, straight into our most private corners, the smoke wriggles around our limbs. But is it getting less dense now? Climatological phenomena surround us.

On unstable legs we move. Slowly. Is it even possible to navigate out of the fog and push away the increasingly visible hand of the all-encompassing capitalism? The fog as a residual memory of a logic that served to conceal the violence exercised against us and which benefits the few. Are we heading back into the fog?

akcg has for many years related to water and undercurrents, beaches and flows. Fog is a conditions that can be described as gasified water, sometimes so dense that visibility deteriorates. We shop ecologically and hope for environmental meetings in Rio and Paris. Then we continue to dance embraced by the fog, more and more dense.

akcg (anna kindgren och carina gunnars)