Rats and Seeds

Lisa Larsdotter Petersson

I am and have for quite some time been busy and shaken by how we/society relate to animals and nature, the nature we are all part of – which has influenced and continues to influence my expressions.
 My drawings have previously been described as "imaginative, rich and open to associations for observers, comments on nature, animals and the environment, preferably with black humor".

The words Rats and Seeds have been on my mind for a while, like a song by someone with a rat-glimpse-eye ...
 The rat needs the seed, the seed needs the rat, the rat and the seed don't need us, we really are not needed at all, the rat needs ...

Lisa Larsdotter Petersson is a visual and performance artist who has exhibited at Not Quite in Fengersfors, Galleri PS in Göteborg and Nationalgalleriet in Stockholm.
 In addition to visual arts, she also works with performance art, where she runs international projects.