En mantel av hav och ett hjärta fyllt av kärlek

Johanna Arvidsson

Experiences are laid out as a jigsaw, and emotions form in those patterns that our time affirms. I search backwards in time in order to write a women’s history for posterity. Recurring dreams will be processed and replaced with dreams of a future where I am adorned with a cloak of sea and a heart full of love. 

Material: watercolor, gouache, silk 

This spring Galleri 54 and peepshow will be visited by Konstnärernas Mamma Kollektiv.

Exhibiting artists are:
Anna Kinbom 23.1–14.2
Tove Nackler 20.2–14.3 
Anna Elisa Nilsson 17.4–9.5
Johanna Arvidsson 29.5–20.6

More information about KMK: www.konstnarernasmammakollektiv.se/