The Life and Death of the WWW

Kira Carpelan, Kristoffer Svenberg, Amanda Karlsson, Niklas Wallenborg

Generations are now growing up with the internet as something taken for granted. Earlier on, a digital reality had a clear outline, but nowadays it is blurred against our lived reality. It is possible to see the era of the World Wide Web as something that has already passed. We no longer use the Internet's basic decentralized and dispersed structure and digital architecture. Instead, it is centralized to social media and a few apps. It is possible to perform activism and protest against this by refusing social media and apps to return to www. But the effect is very small and almost non-existent: technical media is in control. The Life and Death of the WWW is an artistic and exploratory looking back, as well as looking forward, that departs from our relationship to a digital world and culture and use the internet as a mental and physical place for projections of dreams, fantasies, research, art and politics.The exhibition presents four artists who relate to and work with the relationship between humans and the digital world in different ways.

Participating artists. Kira Carpelan, Amanda Karlsson, Kristoffer Svenberg, Niklas Wallenborg.