It's (A)live

Short Exhibition

It's (A)live is Gallery 54’s summer residency program for artists that work with performative methods. We want to promote liveness in art and a deeper understanding of and in the fields of performative practices. Curated and organized by Kaisa Luukkonen & Benedikte Esperi.

Thursday 2021-08- 26 
comedores de terra by Katxerê Medina och Isi de Paula
Performance: Katxerê Medina and Isi de Paula
Vídeo: Katxerê Medina
Text: Isi de Paula
Duration 10 minutes
In this performance (work-in-process), the viewers encounter a spatial montage where poetry is woven together with bodily and cinematic sequences. The artist, Katxerê Medina, has taken inspiration from the legend of the Brazilian Krahô people about the corn goddess after whom she is named. In collaboration with the poet Isi de Paula, she has created a new interpretation of this legend. This is framed by the political situation in Brazil whose fascist and misogynistic government not only destroys nature but also the alternative cosmologies that offer other options than their worldview.
Opening, drinks and music 5 PM. Performance is going to have two sittings at 7 and 7.30 PM.  8 audience members can come in the gallery at one time. 

Friday 2021-08-27

Tid, rum, förflyttning performance of Moa Hjärtström & Charlie Jakobsson. 
Moa Hjärtström and Charlie Jakobsson will present their material- and text based performance that inquires the poetics of the ocean. The performance will expand to an installation format that the viewer is welcomed in after the performance. 
There are three readings to the performance at 4, 6 and 8 PM. There is room for 6 people for each reading. The length of the reading is 30 min. 
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Saturday 2021-08- 28
Linda Spåman Gristemplet
Linda Spåman researches in her work Gristemplet astrologi, meditation, sound and sculpture.

Sunday 2021-08-29
Danse installation ”I rummet”  of Takuya Fujisawa & company
Takuya Fujisawa invited two dancers and a textile artist Shogo Hirata to research the space of galleri 54 with him. Form this research came a performative work that uses elements of dance and installation called I rummet. 
Performance is going to be presented three times at 4, 5 and 6 PM. There is space for 8 people in every performance. 
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