Variation # 2 - a business of tears

Anne Pajunen (med Tomas Hulenvik och Jesper Norda)
Kort utställning

Variation # 2 - a business of tears
feb. 26-28 -2016, at Galleri 54, Göteborg

A collaboration with Jesper Norda/Galleri 54 and Tomas Hulenvik. In a combined installation and live performance you will experience a collection of voices, fragments of messages, notes and a shop. A real shop where you pay with important currency. The three artists have created a new version based on the texts and concept by Anne Pajunen. New parts have been added, others have been altered in close collaborations. Words and voices are in focus this time.

Tomas Hulenvik, voice/performance, composer, artist
Anne Pajunen, voice/performance, composer, visuals, concept
Jesper Norda, video art