SUMMEREXHIBITION with Galleri 54 board members

Benedikte Esperi, Fröydi Laszlo

Benedikte Esperi

OUT OF SITE performance and installation in a peepshow format with and by Benedikte Esperi. The exhibition is a corporeal exposed experience of emptiness we leave behind when we separate ourselves from places and objects that surround us and temporarily create meaning. The installation will be developed and changed over time at Gallery 54 summer 2018, starting 21st of June at 4.00 pm

Fröydi Laszlo
"The change had already happened" 

In Edvard Munch’s image "Puberty" the young girl seems to be afraid of her own shadow, but think if it wasn’t so? Think if she had known all the time, the right names of things and how to call forth the metamorphoses. 
In "Tehanu, the last book of the Earth-Sea triology", One of Ursula K. Le Guin’s main characters is Therru or Tehanu a child that does not speak. A clue to her true nature is given in the image of a paper fan. When this fan is held towards the light it shows that the humans painted carrying about their work at one side of the fan is in fact interacting with the dragons painted on the other.