Richard Alexandersson
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Richard Alexandersson’s work presents a surreal world. In his 3D-animated video installations he combines imagery and ideas from both genre fiction and “kitchen sink realism”, fantasies of post-human utopias and concerns about the contemporary digital industries’ manipulations of perception — and mixes them with contemplations about consumption, addiction, self-realisation, and responsibilities towards truth.

In spoilermimic Alexandersson presents a new series of sculptural works and animations that follow up on the video installation domain(A Conglomeration of Spheres) from 2018—which is also presented in the exhibition in a custom cinematic version. The piece domain(…. springs from thoughts about virtual worlds and conditions as places for contemplation, freedom and safety, but potentially also isolation and disorientation. The scenes in the piece cut between a liberal reconstruction of the artist’s late father’s home, futuristic visions and dramatic landscapes of cosmic horror. The works in the show create several suggestive layers in an internal struggle between the familiar, the alien and the hidden.

The concept ‘spoiler’ has a central function in the entertainment industry as a piece of information that can ruin a certain product for someone. For the consumer the spoiler is a secret that could both make and break social interactions, and for the producer it is a tool for actuating consumption. A ‘mimic’ is someone or something that imitates something else. Here they have been joined together into an absurd concept that resonates with the show’s associations around constructed realities and reluctant searches for truth.


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