Sebastian Mügge

I will create a large-scale site-specific collage of drawings of an experimental character that will occupy the whole exhibition room.

The fundamental idea with the exhibition is to create a vast chronicle that reflects different currents in the never ending stream of images, the visual tsumani in social media that has a central role in modern communication and identity-building all over the world.

I will use images that I find on social media as well as images that will appear under the hashtag #göteborg on Instagram.

The project will reflect different individuals' areas of interest, and inspire other visitors to relate to the material and discover both striking connections and differences.

The exhibition is a portrayal of the importance of social media for contemporary culture, and illustrates the astounding diversity in the collective and individual wealth of images that contains everything from acts of resistance, complex thoughts, hedonistic aspects, activism, pop cultural classics, jokes, trivial images of cats, etc. Thus in the physical room a cacaphony is formed with highly different voices co-existing in one place, inviting the audience to reflect on their own lifestyle.

What is important and relevant to share, how do we communicate with each other, where are we going, and how can we learn how to handle the enormous flow of information that we are exposed to on a daily basis?