Scattered and Collected

Laura Stasiulyte (LT)

Opening Friday 17 Sep 6–9pm

The tiny particles have escaped from their orbits: the centuries-old words in sky blue, found and brought from the halls and rooms of Swiss sanatoriums; the clothes cut into colourful pieces and made into a patchwork rug (hung above the ground and once again taken apart), travelling around exhibitions and attaching themselves to the walls as though they were paintings; the blossoms that either fall apart immediately or keep drying out bit by bit, never to meet in the same vase at the same time; the 16 mm film pieces cut from Ch. Wiegand’s film Narrate Me a Landscape made in 1995 – they had never been shown in a movie theatre, yet they found their hiding spot in a flea market in Berlin.

In the exhibition, having spent a century on the back side of a postcard, the blue words find their place on its front as they replace the landscape. The pieces of old clothes give out a complex scent of all the exhibition halls they have witnessed over 20 years. The flower blossoms are arranged into a bride’s impossible bouquet, guided by H. C. Andersen’s butterfly and its travel route. The defective cinema shots from 1995 escape the flea market, get digital, and are then merged into a continuous whole.

Having travelled around and in different directions, all the remains, cut outs, crumbs, letters and impressions, dust and pollen are gathered into the gallery space. Here, they scatter around in time and space once again, waiting to reveal their stories.