Martin Solymar & Nils Elvebakk Skalegård


An echo of folklore lingers in the sunset, the bucket casts a dubbel projection.
1991 appears out of the foggy dew, where palm trees surround fighting kings.
A velvety sound circulates from memories, when mythology rains, the dust blows,
in the rear view; the journey.

Martin Solymar and Nils Elvebakk Skalegård both graduated from Valand School of Fine Arts, in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Their approach to painting is both intuitive and direct where they share the passion for its layering and transparent assets.

Solymar and Skalegård strive for a balancing act, where materiality and content complement each other both in action and on an aesthetic level.  

In Martin's works one wanders between worlds of Caribbean folklore and Nordic Black Metal. Recently he has been aiming to anchor his paintings in a mythological syncretism where cultural diversities meet. He sees painting as a subsistence that works in layers, where interpretation sometimes is two-edged. Solymar accepts this way of approach as a primary entrance in reading his paintings. 

Nils works with media that have a short way from thought to expression. These include painting, clay sculptures, drawing, text and sound. Central in his body of work is the word breaking point. This could come to show in the meeting of remote connotations, nature in relation to culture or as ambivalent compilations. 

The Exhibition Prelude shows works by Nils and Martin where they have worked in separate directions. Their mutual aim is to create a spontaneous dialogue at Gallery 54.

A common denominator for Skalegård and Solymar is their relation to music as a catalyst for the visual appearance of their works. The exhibition can thus be seen as an introduction to two artistries, like a prelude for a musical piece.