Occult Diary 2.0

Marie Obbel Bondeson

Inner involuntary monologue.
The capricious braid of the senses.
Reality in the fiction of thoughts.
The mental flow in the sea of the I.
Natural powers, uncontrollable impossibilities, synergies in parallel worlds.
A flow, like weather inside of a human being.
What I call presence in the world.
In the impenetrable mystery of consciousness.

Psychiatry as science expanded in the late 1800´s. Between 1860 and 1960 the population in Sweden doubled. At the same time the number of people taken into mental hospitals increased thirtyfour times. August Strindberg for instance, was considered crazy. As a result, his offensive social criticism was marginalized and defined as an expression for insanity. August himself took advantage of his madness artistically, like many other male geniuses of his times.
August Strindberg had visions and hearing hallucinations. He claimed that everything he experienced with his senses, also in dreams, was a natural part of reality. He studied the visible to get in touch with the invisible.  The extraterrestrial, the dead and what is physically distant is recognized as white or blue mist to the inner sight. The stones are talking. The flowers are singing. It is just us who don´t listen.
What is considered sick differs in culture and time. There is a political relationship between the abnormal and the normal in society. It is ultimately a question of who has the right to speak and to be listened to.
The sound piece in Galleri 54 is the result of a process of sound recordings of my own voice and mouth, August´s notes, recordings from quiet spaces, birds in gardens, rocks, wind and wildlife.
 Marie Obbel Bondeson