Liquid Excess / Gifted Men / Homotopos

Nils Agdler, Birt Berglund, Timo Menke & Johan Sundell

In what ways do public bathrooms for gay men and sperm bank booths for straight men constitute enclosed spaces for desire and excess? And in what ways can they be unfolded, turned inside-out, for new connections, flows and deregulations? Liquid Excess is concerned with partially invisible ecologies and economies of male fluids, and explores how sperm and piss as bodily substances are negotiated and transformed through noisy medical policies and social practices.

The show and its reciprocal manifestations range from sound works and (re)-constructed architectural models to large-scale film installations. Birt Berglund’s and Johan Sundell’s queer noise project is rooted in unwanted desire as noise and excess, while Nils Agdler’s and Timo Menke’s film installation about Danish sperm donors inquires a highly wanted and scarce product.

The opening weekend features a performance in public Gothenburg, followed by a donation performance in the exhibition space, and concluded by a conversation with sociologist Arne Nilsson, linking to the themes of queer desires and architecture, reproductive techniques and masculinity.


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