Lisa Liljeström, Arsenij Kotlarius, Nelly Daltrey

IMPROVED LIES: Dômen art school

Each year Dômen art school awards three graduating students a scholarship; this year these are Lisa Liljeström, Arsenij Kotlarius and Nelly Daltrey. 


My work is a reaction to the frequent stream of information and images on my iPhone. The influencer phenomenon is fascinating. That it is possible to build fandom upon sharing details from your everyday life on social media, and how it stretches the line between private and public. I repeatedly work with oil painting and investigations of different materials. This time I have worked with wrapping materials, such as bubble wrap, bands, plastic bags and foam rubber.


I use the medium of installation in order to combine different elements and allow these to influence each other. The work emerges over time – time that creates as it divides. Different media mash up with tech for the purpose of generating the change that takes place in the work. At Galleri 54 I show castings in beeswax together with heat sources that dissolve and bind together.


In short I love working with death, vulnerability and animals as themes. As a child I was always surrounded by animals that passed on as I got to grow older. I am fascinated by fragility and what is left unsaid; the temporal and the eternal. My work for the exhibition centers around loss, almost naively presented in the forms of illustrations and short poems.