Ikonograf <3 Ikonodul

Fredrika Anderson
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Opening Wednesday April 17th 6–9pm
Artist talk Sunday May 12th 2pm


of all that is visible and invisible

in the cavern, in a crack, an image is shining hidden to the world.

the hidden icon at the top of a mountain.

hidden since the Middle Ages.

it fled over the sea

it found a secure place in a holy cave

many came there, saw and revered it

when everything was occupied, the icon found a deep and narrow crevice in the rock wall, a place where only the wooden frame could be seen in the opening

countless have stopped, touched the hidden

and in the encounter with the invisible image of the invisible reality they have seen what no eye can see. it brings us back to the earth and the body and the hands, hands that are interwoven, kneading, knotting, threading,

pinning, caressing, collecting, crumbling, touching, holding, greeting, building, painting, painting, painting. Painting.

In the exhibition Iconograph <3 Iconodule *, Fredrika Anderson borrows the icon's material, egg tempera on wooden board, and sees the big image battle during the 8th and 9th centuries, far behind the scenes, along with the flashing controversy with iconoclastic features in the course of history. The exhibition takes a leap away from the dialectical heat of the battle and devotes itself to the image and images that are based on the matter and on those who create out of it, openly and unfinishedly. The images are a reasoning with the color, the opaque and mat, and the sight, eyes that meet, which cross each other, with the picture in the picture, the weave, the hare fur glaze and the women, known and unknown, who join the friends of the image who have gone before. An exhibition that is a homage to all of them.

Fredrika Anderson (b. 1982, Gothenburg) is educated at the Valand School of Fine Arts, where she took her MFA in 2013. She explores topics related to creation, the work of the hand and gestures and the body's choreography in relation to the transcendent - both in her own studio work as action and through the choice of subject. Painting is an ongoing investigation and exchange; a sisterhood with the women of the picture who are engaged in art, activism or contemplation

*Image maker heart image friend