Charlotta Rosengren



Since 15 years back I have been living in the most northern part of Sweden, in the small mountain village of Abisko.

It’s the barren and desolated that brought me north, the depopulated and harsh. The last five or six years I have been painting. A changing landscape. Mountains goes throughout everything I do. I study the mountains in all different ways. Climbing, ski touring, mountaineering, painting and running among them. I’m out all seasons trying to grip the cliff in the climb, ski down the slope, run through the valley or grasp the greatness of the mountain side with color and a brush. The vegetation in high alpine environment and the mountain valleys, stones, glaciers, rivers are studied in different weathers and seasons.

For this exhibition I have been up in the high alpine terrain and trying to spend as much time as possible up there. My process is slow. Both out in the field work and home in the studio.

The paintings are about identity and my world up in the north and what I love and care for the most. Mountains and glaciers.

Charlotta Rosengren

On Sunday 18/4 there will be a streamed artist talk over Instaram at 3.30 pm!