All Things Shining

Kai Rennes
Relaterade evenemang

God is dead, Nietzsche wrote as early as the late 19th century. Religions were widely expected to slowly disappear as the scientific evolution went on. That did not happen. The religions are stronger than ever. Different extremist movements create fear, oppression and violence. New religious ideas appear. A vast majority of the people on Earth take part in religious movements. What is belief and how does it differ from other fields of human knowledge like science or art? Is it important and beneficial?

Kai Rennes is an artist, now living in Brussels and Barcelona. He has studied art history, philosophy and aesthetics. The exhibition at Gallery 54 deals with religion and faith. The works consists of phenomenological notes on religious structures. What kind of knowledge is science, art or religion? How do they relate to each other, how do they relate to traditions and crafts? Where can creativity and devotion be found these days?

Image: All Thing Shining, noodles and resin (2019)