Ur minnet, ur funktion

Fredrika Wigren & Christian Abrahamsson

In this year's fourth and final edition of PEEPSHOW, we present the exhibition Ur minnet, ur funktion (From memory, out of function). Fredrika Wigren and Christian Abrahamsson each present a sculptural element that deals with decadence, profitability and nostalgia.

“As individuals, we all have an incredibly distinct base form. Our identity depends on our competence and governs our life choices.” In Wigren's work Mina kompetenser / The Asshole, she points out the fragility and transience in human existence. A utility item has lost its one single function, and is now completely useless. At the same time, something new is created in the empty space that is left and the object is freed from all expectations of profitability. Depriving an object of its basic function also breeds the dream of something else.

In the work Wild strawberries on a straw, one month in one life we are met by the nostalgic and fragile, the simple, which has now become something destructive and different in the adult’s world. Abrahamsson creates a kind of urban decadence that is woven together with the symbolism of the countryside and memories from childhood. The contrast becomes an intrusion and an overlap between the big and the small. At the same time, it symbolizes nothing more than an ongoing and thoughtless ritual. The passage of life, the passage of time, one month in one lifetime.

The rough contemporary is presented against the peripheral presence of dreams and memories. Respect and acceptance for the course of life is shown when fragility and the useless meet the weight of metal and reality.

We warmly welcome you to Ur minnet, ur funktion – opening 3 December at 18:00 on PEEPSHOW.

PEEPSHOW is Galleri54's window gallery facing Kastellgatan 7.