Gang of two

Karin Sandberg

Note: opening Thursday Sep 5th 

Gang of Two (2019), 8 min 23 sec

The work Gang of Two takes its point of departure from the book Journal de la création (1990) by Nancy Huston. The book covers the difficulties being a creative mother, sometimes built up to conflicts between body and mind, art and life, and not least the relation motherhood and being an artist. Huston states in her book that Sylvia Plath had two interests in life: literature and to breed chickens, ducks and peacocks. Only birds that cannot fly. Virginia Woolf wrote about killing ”The Angel in the House", and many female artists are referring to angels that cannot fly, birds that have gotten their wings cut off, about creativity not being able to rise high, to fly.

Another theme in Gang of Two is marginalized children in society whose voices and thoughts about life and the world are rarely heard. In this video the forming of identity, the relation between mother and child, is shown as time spent together in singing and creating songs, by playing with words, as storytelling. The difficulty being a mother and an artist as a comment on today’s society, but also a universal co-existence between generations, between parents, guardians and future generations.

A wish to be able to make us both fly, but how?