The Last Supper

Monique Wernhamn
Short Exhibition
, 18.00 -

How often do you do things that you want to and how often that you need to?
What would you like to talk about at your last supper?
How would your heavenly kingdom be - if you didn´t need care about consequences and day of tomorrow?

Artist Monique Wernhamn, The Sustainable Woman *, invites you to THE LAST SUPPER, a dinner event in tree days at Galleri 54, 17-19th Nov. Together with invited guests and participants - with different backgrounds, work and life situations - we cook, eat, socialize and talk about what is sustainable, important, meaningful, meaningless, joyful and fun in life. What is not only about surviving but also about being alive.

Can collective experiences, food and conversations unify people, create meaning and sustainability?

* The Sustainable Woman is a project that examines social and economic sustainability, work and human value in an apparently unsustainable world. With the dinner events, The Sustainable Woman wants to give social, artistic and interpersonal values ​​the same place on the starry sky that religion had (and have in other parts of the world) and as capitalism / economic growth has in our society today.

Do you want to attend to a dinner event? Write a few lines about your work / life situation and why you want to participate, as well as the date / dates you want to attend. There will be a limited number of seats, the selection will therefore be based on your interest and in participants' different background and social belonging to get as wide spread as possible.

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