A Fetus of a Different Species

Leif Holmstrand
Short Exhibition

"Three Lovers" is shown over the whole three day exhibition – it is a slow happening, a mutable sculptural installation and an art performance. That is, Leif Holmström is performing in mask among mesh of yarn, branches and litter, and carries out ritual acts.

Leif Holmstrand (1972), is an artist, musician and writer, living in Malmö, Sweden. As a sculptor and image maker, he is versatile and has multiple signature styles. In his practice, textile works alternate with furniture based assemblages, digital photo collages, sound installations and performance art. The hierarchy of materials he uses is not very evident: expensive silk obi tend to have the same value of expression as household waste and found garbage objects. In his work, cooperations with Japanese artists has played an important part. The queer heritage is also undeniable.

NOTE: art event not suitable for children